over the rainbow, i am crazy
Ell. My heart beats for Pink Floyd and Rock 'n' Roll forever blesses my rebellious yet sensitive soul.


Opening Credits: The Hero’s Return - Pink Floyd (!!1!11!!!1!!!!11!!)
Waking Up: Doctor Jimmy - The Who
First Day At School: Corporal Clegg - Pink Floyd (!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!!1)
Falling In Love: Love or Nothing - Uriah Heep (WOW)
Fight Song: Drowned - The Who (YES)
Breaking Up: Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin (KHIHIH)
Life’s OK: I Don’t Even Know Myself - The Who
Getting Back Together: Enter Sandman - Metallica
Wedding: My Wife - The Who (OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS)
Birth of Child: Marooned - Pink Floyd (!!!!!!1!!!!)
Final Battle: Hotel California - Eagles (AWWWW)
Death Scene: No Man’s Land - Syd Barrett (!!!!!!11!!!!!1!1!! HOOWW)
Funeral Song: Flaming - Pink Floyd (!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!! I am coming to your funeral)
End Credits: Bike - Pink Floyd (!!!!!!11!1!!!!!!!!11! I CRRRYY)

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